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What we offer

Maximise your profits with >edrms
Flexible, profitable, long-lasting, designed and developed for professional retailers.


>edrms benefits

>edrms is the international retail management suite that puts your profitability first!
It is fast, reliable and easy to use, requiring the minimum of specialist skills. Accessible online, anywhere, anytime!



Web-enabled where you need it, modular, easy reporting and archiving, minimal training, ... all aimed to save you time and money.
Above all, we provide the information on which you can make financial and marketing decisions that will increase revenues and margins and reduce operational costs.



The suite supports large international networks and single sites, with a complete range of functions from point-of-sale through back office to head office, for both centralised and de-centralised business models, including franchised operations, all easily and infinitely configurable.



Our telephone assistance service is multilingual, features remote maintenance and is tailored to meet individual customer needs. The hotline installs and monitors generic and specific software upgrades in order to be compliant with the customers business needs of today and in the future.